About Justin

With thousands of published contributions to open source cryptography and web codebases, Justin was until recently better known as a software engineer than a musician.

Justin has been playing guitar since the late 90's, and throatsinging since the mid-2000s. More recently, he has taken up piano, melodica, wood flute, and tin whistle.

On May 1st, 2022 - Justin's 40th birthday - he assembled a small group of friends and collaborators to announce that he was going to be musician-first, programmer-second. He released his first single, "Nanny State Fiddler", a couple of months later.

Justin's music is influenced by bluegrass, old-time, and traditional music from around the world. With lyrics on subjects such as cryptography, privacy, artificial intelligence, and the evolution of the internet, Justin's music is a unique blend of old and new.