Justin Holmes

blockchain bluegrass and video game traditionals

Ursa Minor: live from the ether 2022

Songs from devconnect, EthBarcelona, devconVI, and Berlin Blockchain Week

Available January 3, 2023 for holders of show POAPs
Available February 4, 2023 on Bandcamp.
  • 1 - Nanny State Fiddler
  • 2 - Song of Storms
  • 3 - Zero Knowledge and Time Machines
  • 4 - Clandestino
  • 5 - The Morning of the Bank Run
  • 6 - Morrison's Jig
Were at any of the shows in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, or Bogotá?
They were minted way after the fact - if you didn't get yours, ask! :-)

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Jakub, Shaka, Pepa, David, Viv: love y'all's strings.

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Note: this POAP check is totally centralized and breakable. I had hoped to publish this album with Threshold Access Control, but the publishing toolchain isn't quite ready yet. If you find bugs, please report them.