Justin (Myles) Holmes

I live on a school bus with my partner and our toddler.
I'm optimistic about freedom, justice, and peace.
I like things that are funnier after you have seen them 100 times.

email me: justin@justinholmes.com

I program. I travel. I teach. I invent.

But I don't strive to be a programmer, traveler, teacher, or inventor.

My aim is to be a good and curious person - to make the people around me more free, to teach myself a bit of science and social studies each day, and to make a more peaceful and just world for my kid's generation.

How did I get into programming and engineering?

By the time I finished my degree in political science in 2008, it was obvious that the code that directed the state (ie, the law) was followed only irregularly and unpredictably.

By contrast, the machines of the information age have no choice but to execute the laws of their world: the code we give them.

I decided straight-away to transition to more "hard sciences" learning in order to be the change I wanted to see in the world via software and hardware engineering and research rather than (or at least in addition to) trying to elect officials or persuade those already elected.